Dizziness – Fact or Fiction, Misconception or Myth?

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Each and every day, we strive to help our patients and our readers to better navigate their way through the dizzying world of unsteadiness. Because when it comes to uncomfortable sensations that leave us whirling, it’s not just physical. There are those topsy-turvy perceptions and misperceptions! So how do you sort through what is fact [...]

Addressing Dizziness and Balance Issues in Children

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By Valerie Guzzo, Au.D. It can be baffling for adults to describe the sensation of dizziness, vertigo and imbalance. So imagine, for a moment, how confusing it can be for a child to convey what they are feeling when dizzy. Are they lightheaded? Disoriented? Does it feel like they’re spinning, or is the world moving [...]

A New Spin: Is Dizziness Among Kids Higher Than Suspected?

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By Howard Mango, Au.D., Ph.D. Dizziness has no age bias. When children experience balance and dizziness issues, these problems can be difficult to recognize. Younger children in particular may have trouble describing their symptoms. Statistics reported by the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders indicate that dizziness is likely to occur at some point [...]

Explaining Cybersickness

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Yes, cybersickness… or visually induced motion sickness – is real. Think of it as two worlds colliding into a small space. Or a mismatched battle of our senses. This type of motion sickness involves moving digital content. It happens as our bodies create what it feels is a perfectly natural response… within an unnatural environment.  [...]

Digging into Dizziness with Brooke Pearce, Au.D.

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Yes, I love my job. That’s right. I said it. I love my job. For many reasons, of course, but perhaps there’s one that pulls me in.  I can bring balance back to the imbalanced. I love dizzy patients.  It’s challenging, because dizziness is a symptom of so many things – it seems almost everything!  [...]