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Brochure: Advancing the diagnosis and treatment of dizziness, vertigo and balance disorders
Institute Brochure Brochure: Advancing the diagnosis and treatment of dizziness, vertigo and balance disorders

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Welcome to Newport-Mesa Audiology
Balance and Ear Institute

Stop suffering and start living.
If you or a loved one suffer from recurring, undiagnosed or unexplained dizziness, balance or hearing-loss complaints, here’s some good news: lasting relief is closer than you think, thanks to the Newport-Mesa Audiology Balance and Ear Institute.

Founded by renowned vestibular (inner ear) physiologist Dr. Howard T. Mango,
the Institute is among the nation’s foremost authorities for the research, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of dizziness and balance disorders.

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Getting patients back on their feet since 1977
Dr. Mango and his team have treated more than 30,000 patients for chronic balance, dizziness and hearing conditions, including tinnitus (ringing in the ears). So if you’re ready to return to activities you love, tell your specialist or primary care provider about the Newport-Mesa Audiology Balance and Ear Institute, or call for information today.

Audiological and Hearing Loss Solutions
As one of the nation’s most well-equipped audiological facilities, we serve an ever-growing number of adult, teen and pediatric cases. Our patients enjoy private, individualized attention from doctors of audiology.

Treatment options include a wide range of new and traditional devices, including Lyric ®, the world’s first 100% invisible, extended-wear hearing device. Dr. Mango is among the nation’s first audiologists certified to prescribe and fit this breakthrough medical technology.

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““If you’ve gone through a battery of tests, nobody can find out what’s wrong with you. You feel dizzy, or not quite dizzy but off. You’ve done all the vertigo tests and you know it’s not vertigo. Everybody tells you it’s not vertigo and you know it’s not. Come and check out dizziland [Newport-Mesa Audiology Balance & Ear Institute]. Come and check out what Dr. Mango has to offer.”

~ Mark Cuban, Dallas TX

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