We offer patient-friendly diagnosis and treatment of chronic or sudden onset symptoms and conditions such as dizziness, vertigo, unsteadiness, tinnitus and hearing loss. All services and treatments are delivered with the highest standards of patient-focused care.

It’s much more than three simple words. It’s our full-circle commitment to provide excellence at every contact point with you. We believe so strongly in this that it’s woven into every type of service and treatment we offer.


We offer patient-friendly diagnosis and treatment of chronic or sudden onset symptoms and conditions such as dizziness, vertigo, unsteadiness, tinnitus and hearing loss. All services and treatments are delivered with the highest standards of patient-focused care.

It’s much more than three simple words. It’s our full-circle commitment to provide excellence at every contact point with you. We believe so strongly in this that it’s woven into every type of service and treatment we offer.


Newport-Mesa Audiology Balance & Ear Institute is an all-inclusive setting designed to restore balance and quality hearing back to your life. We offer innovative solutions for all ages, including pediatric and newborn patients. Our patients are often referred here by their primary care doctor, general practitioner, neurologist, otolaryngologist (ENT), pediatrician – even internal medicine and family physician. We welcome patient and self-referrals as well.

We believe it’s possible to eliminate the many frustrations that come with seeing doctor after doctor –with no real relief. Dr. Mango and our doctors of audiology take an integrated approach to your care – providing diagnosis and treatment to eliminate the time-consuming challenges that come from traveling from specialist to specialist, or to different therapies. Together we’ll create an experience that provides solution and treatment options that are realistic, enjoyable, and feasible. Our unwavering commitment to our patients sets us apart in the medical community.

Our practice is built on the distinction of trust. We hope you’ll feel empowered and confident in your care at every step. We also believe in patient education. Our support and clinical staff are happy to provide care, resources and consultation that lead you to renewed emotional and physical well-being.

Dizziness, Vertigo & Balance Disorders

Reduce or eliminate challenges so you can live dizzy-free.
As one of the country’s most inclusive dizziness and balance facilities, our specialties include:

  • The distinction as the only facility of its kind to offer comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic resources within one Institute location, with specialty in difficult-to-diagnose cases
  • Comprehensive balance testing of all 6 vestibular canals and all 10 end organs of the inner ear vestibular system
  • Personalized results evaluation
  • Customized dizziness and balance treatment programs

Our full-service practice also provides audiological evaluation services and hearing loss solutions for adult, teen and children.

Hearing Health/Hearing Loss

Restore connections that positively impact every facet of daily living.

  • Hearing testing, including sound and frequency discrimination
  • Audiological evaluation and results
  • Custom hearing enhancement plan with device options (if applicable)
  • Personalized device selection, fittings and maintenance
  • Follow-up care utilizing computerized speech mapping that assesses speech and multi-dimensional hearing benefits
  • Sound protection


Provide greater understanding to successfully anticipate, prevent or eliminate situations that can reduce the impact of sensation

  • Comprehensive exam and evaluation
  • Education
  • Device recommendation, selection or fitting
  • Management and treatment program to eliminate mask or reduce



Symptoms and complaints treated include:

  • Dizziness, vertigo and balance disorders
  • Disabling and severe unsteadiness
  • Suspected fall risk
  • Sudden or history of dizziness or vertigo leading to a fall
  • Sudden or ongoing (chronic) dizziness or vertigo that has been unresponsive to other forms of medical management
  • Instability, disequilibrium and frequent falls
  • Lightheadedness
  • Motion sickness

Conditions treated include:

  • Dizziness, vertigo & balance disorders
  • BPPV | Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo
  • Labyrinthitis
  • Motion sensitivity and motion intolerance
  • Vestibular neuritis


  • Sudden gradual or progressive hearing loss
  • Noise-induced and age-related hearing loss
  • Asymmetrical hearing loss
  • Ear infection and inflammation identification
  • Speech delay identification in children


  • Preventative and tinnitus management strategies
  • Device selection





Before your visit

For your ease and convenience, simply visit the Patients section of our site, where you’ll find helpful forms to download and bring with you. We also provide answers to many frequently asked questions there. You’ll also find tips on what to expect within our Resources section.

Our Patient Services staff will schedule your initial office appointment as well as any return visit. They can also attend to your needs following your visit, including arranging additional clinical care. If you have questions about your upcoming or recent visit, or need assistance with new-patient paperwork, please contact us.

At arrival

After check-in, we’ll ensure you comfort as quickly as possible and that necessary forms are completed. If you cannot access or complete forms prior to arrival, please allow additional arrival time to complete prior to your scheduled appointment.

Consultation, Exam & Testing

Prior to your examination, your doctor of audiology will sit down and discuss the reason for your visit, and review any symptoms you might be experiencing. You will also review what to expect during an exam and testing. All testing is directed by your doctor of audiology, utilizing the latest medical technology to confirm diagnostic accuracy. Your doctor will then look into your ear with a device known as an otoscope, and will likely take images of your ear canal and eardrum. All testing is non-invasive and essential to the assessment and overall evaluation of your ear health. Once your testing is complete, each component of testing is carefully analyzed and reviewed. This process to determine function is as important as each test conducted, and will be explained to you.

Next Steps

A detailed summary report will also be sent to your referring physician, if applicable, regarding our conclusions and recommendations.

Treatment is an important factor following diagnosis and a course of action.  Success and outcome can be affected by your overall health, age, cognitive abilities, other related disorders, and compliance with program recommendations. Dizzy patients visit us once or twice a week for Advanced Vestibular Treatment (AVT) for up to six weeks or until their balance has returned. And our hearing-related patients often receive intervention strategies, which may include medical referral, hearing devices or additional testing.


The Institute is fully-equipped to test thoroughly, utilizing the most comprehensive diagnostic technology available including audiometric booths, posturography, as well as Neuro Kinetics rotational and Epley Omniax® chairs to accurately diagnose and treat balance disorders caused by all six vestibular canals. Our combination of diagnostic and treatment resources under one roof makes Newport-Mesa Audiology Balance & Ear Institute one of the country’s most inclusive balance facilities.

Each doctor of audiology regularly participates in (and often presents or leads) training updates, so you can be confident they’re offering the most sophisticated diagnostic technology available today. If you have previously completed a neurological evaluation, ENG (electronystagmography) or VNG (videonystagmography) testing with other practitioners, yet continue to experience dizziness, there is hope. Our solutions are simply a visit, click or phone call away.

Specialty vestibular testing may include:

Comprehensive balance testing of all 6 vestibular canals plus all 10 end organs of the inner ear.
Test monitors vestibular system through recorded eye movements that may signal abnormality. Patient wears infrared video goggles to record eye moments while in different positions.
Tests ability to maintain upright posture in different conditions, and looks at information provided by patient’s muscles, joints, eyes and inner ears. Involves standing on a platform with a safety harness.
Test determines how specific areas of the inner ear, inferior division of vestibular nerve and central connections are intact and working normally. Patient wears electrodes while in a comfortably reclined position.
Test uses small, quick movements of the head to evaluate reflex function and how well the eyes and ears work together. Eye movements are monitored. Part of comprehensive evaluation of inner ear vestibular system.
Involves the horizontal and vertical canals; provides high frequency horizontal and vertical vestibule-ocular reflex (VOR) information. Patient views select targets and moves head during auditory cues. Involves wearing non-invasive electrodes which pick up activity from facial muscles.
Test further measures the clarity of vision during head movements in relation to a baseline measurement; doctor assesses and understands the specific impact of patient’s balance deficits.
Tests ability to see objects clearly during routine head movement. Doctor assesses the Vestibular Ocular Reflex (VOR), the horizontal semicircular canal and superior division of the vestibular nerve. Patient wears goggles while the chair spins at slow and moderate speeds.
Supports precise diagnostic testing and treatment plans designed to reduce or eliminate feelings of dizziness and vertigo. Part of comprehensive evaluation of inner ear vestibular system. In treatment, aligns the semicircular ear canal with the gravitational pull of the earth to realign the canal.
Computerized testing determines level of visual blurring induced by head movement in the horizontal or vertical planes. Indicates function and assists doctor of audiology to further assess the vestibulo-ocular reflex (VOR) in response to functional and rotational head movement stimuli.

Specialty hearing testing may include:

Has three components: Review/discussion of patient’s medical history; testing; followed by evaluation and findings review which may include treatment recommendations.
A graph depicting detailing hearing ability at different frequencies; described as a picture of your sense of hearing.
Reveals hearing nerve function and measures how patient’s nervous system responds to sound. Used to evaluate the integrity of auditory nerve pathway between the hearing nerve and brainstem.
When a stimulus is presented during testing, the electrical activity with the body is measured and evaluated.
Hearing test with participation; the doctor of audiology has a visible and voluntary response from the patient being evaluated.
Providing follow-up services for newborns who fail routine hospital screenings. Dr. Mango and his senior staff personally handle all infant cases and report findings directly back to referring pediatricians.


gogglesAll dizziness and hearing rehabilitation plans are managed by your treating doctor of audiology at one easy-to-access location. This means there’s no needless travel. And no wasting your precious time.

Facing unresolved issues with dizziness or motion?

We help patients safely and successfully return to their daily activities and live dizzy-free.

Advanced Vestibular Treatment (AVT)

AVT Logo

Our Institute’s proprietary approach, known as AVT, is a proven, doctor of audiology-directed personalized plan that is frequently more effective in resolving symptoms caused by vestibular disorders than more traditional therapy options and medications. Select AVT programs may also involve a customized home-based exercise option (your treating doctor of audiology will determine if that’s the right option for you).

Epley Omniax® System for BPPV treatment

We are the only private practice with access to three chairs, among only 20 chairs in the U.S. The precise, multi-axial (360°) patient positioning system and nystagmus analysis provide exacting diagnosis and treatment. Rather than imprecise manual maneuvers, this advanced technology gives the Institute the unique ability to identify and rule out causes of vestibular disorders and provides highly precise treatment.

Yes, hearing devices and treatments now offer solutions unimagined even a few years ago.

  • Lyric™ Extended Wear Device
  • Opn™ Internet-capable Hearing Device
  • Hearing Aid evaluation and rehabilitation
  • Otoharmonics® Tinnitus Treatment
  • Neuromonics® Tinnitus Treatment
  • Custom Noise Protection

We’re excited to offer hearing enhancement and tinnitus management options that involve an extensive selection of software and hearing devices. Our doctors of audiology can recommend and select the best option for your specific needs and lifestyle. These include Audéo V and Lyric™, which is discreetly placed within the ear canal. Plus Bluetooth-enabled and Internet-capable connected devices, like Opn™. To ensure each patient receives maximum benefit from their devices, we provide follow-up care. One such program assesses progress using computerized speech mapping. That way we can best determine and refine true speech benefits.

We are located in an easy-to-access location in Orange County, California.

500 Old Newport Blvd, Suite 101
Newport Beach, CA 92663