Symptoms associated with Balance Disorders with Brooke Pearce Au.D.

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Our bodies are complex machines that rely, in the most astounding way, on the intricate coordination of systems working together. You might say we depend on its ability to self-regulate. So when something’s amiss that supports our body’s balance system, our senses are heightened. It becomes undeniably apparent that something is out of sync, and [...]

Audiology’s Exciting Future: Spotlight On Treating Balance Dysfunction

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By Howard Mango, Ph.D., Au.D In my last blog, I shared how Audiology serves to protect and restore our hearing healthcare and wellness, and the benefit we provide patients and physicians. Recently I had the opportunity to travel to Indianapolis to present to colleagues at the American Academy of Audiology (AAA) conference.  Our team collectively [...]

Let’s Go Steady: A Caring Approach to Balance

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By Dr. Howard Mango, Ph.D., Au.D It’s a complicated relationship between your body and the forces of earth. You might say there’s a lot of (gravitational) attraction involved! Balance and equilibrium help you stay upright when you stand and provide your body the right input. That way your brain knows where you are in relation [...]

The ‘Eyes’ Have It with Brooke Pearce, Au.D.

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The ‘eyes’ have it. When I ask my patients how much they think their eyes affect healthy balance, they sometimes look perplexed. The truth is… your eyes play a vital role. I wholeheartedly believe “the eyes are the windows to the ears.”  And as part of National Eye Care month, I want to take the [...]