Why a Blog…and Why Now?

Dear Friends & Patients,

Welcome to our Newport-Mesa Audiology Balance & Ear Institute blog!

So why a blog…and why now?

Dr.-Mango1561First, I believe it’s an exciting time for our Institute. Our doctors of audiology are uniquely qualified specialists, expertly trained to diagnose, manage and treat both hearing and balance problems. We continually search for feedback on patient wants and needs, and strive to be as adaptable and responsive as we can be. Though we have balance and hearing expertise, it’s truly about listening.

To that point, we’re offering more flexibility with hours, and providing more treatment sessions than at any other time in our history. Our Institute has recently acquired a third Neuro Kinetics rotational chair as well as a second Epley Omniax® chair. When you think of our Institute, we hope the words ‘accessibility’ and ‘availability’ are top of mind.

Next, we are constantly amazed by patient stories…of living with dizziness, vertigo, unsteadiness, and almost losing hope. It’s such a great feeling to help them on their journey back to wellness. It’s motivating for me, and for our caring staff. We believe in making a difference to our patients, their families, and the physicians that entrust us to care for them.

I can share many of the things we are doing – and will over the coming months! It all rolls up into providing a level of care and excellence at every step – no matter the need. Our patients provide us the most valuable, meaningful feedback that helps us each and every day. Now, it’s time for us to pay it forward!

The world of audiology is a fascinating one, and together my staff and I hope to share interesting stories, facts and perspectives that keep you attune to healthy balance and hearing. We’re proud of our work in restoring balance, and excited about what’s next.

We plan to offer blog updates regularly. So please come back often to read, and offer your comments and support. Our goal is to showcase topics centered around the areas our patients ask about.

I’m very fortunate to spend my days with such a great staff. They truly have your best interests as a priority, and it makes their day even more special to see our patients feel and hear better.

If you have friends and family who you feel will benefit from the information on our blog, please share it with them.

Thank you for your support and happy reading!

Dr. Mango

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