Dizziness, Vertigo and Balance Disorders

“Very thorough testing and the staff were interested in getting me back to normal. The homework was very beneficial to getting back my balance.”

– A.B., Trabuco Canyon, CA

“Professional and polite. They explained things well to me. I highly recommend.”

– J.N., Fullerton, CA

“Amazing place! Great doctors – especially Dr. Diya! She has been great and patient. After two months of doing therapy, I feel great again. Thanks to her enthusiasm, professionalism and motivation. Also, thank you to the front desk, who were very nice.”

– J.T., Newport Beach, CA

“The office is run with efficiency and courteous teamwork. The staff is upbeat and work well with the diverse population of clientele. I found the doctors easy to talk to and able to handle a curve ball.”

– E.H., Los Angeles, CA

“Incredible! 5 stars! I would not have improved without the diligence, patience and care of Dr. Massoodnia! Now I can look up at the bird’s nest in my yard without getting dizzy.”

– N.D., Tustin, CA

“It has been a very positive and professional experience. My dizziness conditions have greatly improved and I’ve learned a lot about improving my balance issues.”

– P.M., Huntington Beach, CA

“Harlan helped me with my dizzy and balance issues. He was patient and thorough in diagnosing and treating me. He listened and worked on what I needed for success in overcoming my problems.”

– M.A., Huntington Beach, CA

“I enjoyed coming here every time. Harlan Carroll was a joy to be with!”

– J.F., Yorba Linda, CA

“I was extremely pleased with my treatment at this facility and the staff were all so pleasant. I can’t say enough about Harlan Carroll, who was excellent in giving me my treatment.”

– C.M., Buena Park, CA 

“This has been an amazing, very helpful life changing experience. The doctors and staff are extremely courteous and knowledgeable. Due to my problems, my anxiety levels were high, but now have decreased significantly.”

– J.S., Garden Grove, CA

“I had no idea what to expect when I first arrived. All of the exercises I experienced were professionally directed. I did have one serious vertigo episode during the time here. All other symptoms seem to have gone away!”

– R.R., Laguna Woods, CA

“My doctor was warm and friendly. I enjoyed working with her.”

– M.A., Huntington Beach, CA

“I’ve had an amazing experience. Each doctor was knowledgeable and attuned to my problems, which helped drive the therapy towards recovery. I feel so much better and more at ease now that I know what the root cause is!”

S.L., Long Beach, CA

“I can’t say enough wonderful things about this Institute. They helped me so much with my vertigo and balance. It feels so good to have the dizziness feeling gone! The home program is very helpful too.”

– C.W., Fountain Valley, CA

“Each and every person that did my exercises were so patient and explained everything very well. Dr. Kasten and Alejandra were extra special. All the front office staff were extremely nice!”

– P.C., Balboa Island, CA

“I highly recommend this place to anyone having issues with balance. I can feel a great improvement in myself. Everyone here is so very caring and helpful.”

– D.C., Anaheim, CA

“I was an absolute mess before I arrived on your doorstep. My life had stopped and I was completely unable to function and participate in my daily routine. Roxanna and the staff here were absolutely incredible – professional, attentive and responsive. Roxanna worked diligently to improve my ability to function and she was incredibly encouraging and supportive of my efforts. Today, she declared me “NORMAL” and I feel like I have my life back! I am so grateful. I have already referred my dad to you. THANK YOU for all the healing that you brought into my life!”

– A.R., Newport Beach, CA

I’m very glad to have been treated here. The doctors and office staff have been nothing but helpful and friendly. I would definitely refer others here. Thanks for everything! And special thanks to Victoria!”

– D.R., Los Angeles, CA

“I was very impressed with the entire staff, the thorough and extensive testing and the results of my therapy. I would highly recommend Newport-Mesa Audiology Balance & Ear Institute to anyone with balance issues.”

– J.V., Laguna Beach, CA

“Great experience! Dr. Tin Truong is very kind and patient. The treatment for my dizziness improved it and I strongly recommend it. Thank you, Dr. Truong! It’s a beautiful Institute. Everyone is very professional, including the staff.”

– R.S., Villa Park, CA

“Your staff is amazing. Very helpful, friendly and supportive. Very impressive. People skills are top notch. The testing and programs are fascinating and worked wonders. Thank you for helping me!”

– M.D., Westminster, CA

“Everyone I have dealt with there has been great. The testing done on my visit was excellent and the team there was extremely knowledgeable.”

– B.T., Irvine, CA

“I have been dizzy for months; falling down, running into things, etc. I stopped going places because everything was always spinning. After being treated here, I am no longer dizzy and life is great!”

– J.H., Placentia, CA

“Amazing, would not be where I am without the team! A true thank you!”

– B.G., Irvine, CA

“I really enjoyed my experience working with Dr. Nava and have improved tremendously through the use of the AVT goggles. Thank you very much!”

– R.H., New York, NY

“Dear Dr. Adam Waters: I am grateful for you. You helped me eliminate my vertigo. You gave me the program to finish before we were going on our cruise.  I didn’t have any symptoms since I completed with you. Thank you so much!”

– W.F., Cerritos, CA

“As a repeat patient, the care has been outstanding and I was again cured of my off-balance issues. Entire staff is wonderful!!!”

– W.W., Laguna Beach, CA

“My experience was amazing. The staff is friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. They gave me my normal life back.”

– H.L., North Las Vegas, NV

“I was impressed with the knowledge of issues and how the vestibular system can affect a lot of the body.”

– S.K.G., Long Beach, CA

“Very effective. Helped immediately! Great staff!”

– J.M., Huntington Beach, CA

“Everyone was super professional and patient. Scheduling was flexible and accommodating.”

– T.M., Newport Beach, CA

“Everyone was great! Dr. Chelsea Nava and Victoria are awesome. Paola at the front is the best.”

– L.F., North Hollywood, CA

“Dr. Jastromb was wonderful to work with. I felt like she really cared about me as an individual. She tailored the program to my weaknesses. It definitely improved my condition. My dizziness is far less pronounced and I’m able to function again.”

– L.E., Lowell, MA

“Staff and doctors were courteous, professional and informative. Appointments varied in time, but were always prompt and on time.”

– K.B., Canyon Lake, CA

“This is a wonderful facility run by Dr. Mango and his staff. If you are suffering from any kind of dizziness, vertigo, or balance disorders, then this is the place to be!

I came here with a family member who has been debilitated and suffering with severe vertigo problems. After hearing about Mr. Cuban and his story, and reaching out to him by email, we were pleasantly surprised Mr. Cuban emailed back in 24 hrs.
He highly recommended this facility, because he himself suffered from severe vertigo and came here.

The Newport-Mesa Audiology Balance & Ear Institute and its team are amazing!  The caring and professionalism that each staff  member showed along with lengthy discussions and explanations with complete privacy made us feel that they cared and were eager to find the proper diagnosis to get to the root of the problem(s), we weren’t just a number.

We spent a total of a week coming here. My family member had a bunch of high tech state of the art testing done, and started some treatment before we left, that will continue at home. There are weekly Skype follow ups  if you’re out of state and tweaking done if necessary throughout the entire treatment.

The treatments vary from person to person and are individually personalized according to the test results. No two treatments are exactly alike because everyone who suffers is different to responding. This place has some of the most advanced equipment out there for vertigo.
They specialize in benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV), migraine-associated vertigo, neuritis, vestibulopathy, Meniere’s disease, Mal de Debarquement Syndrome (MdDS) are just a few to mention.

What I really liked was that I  could attend all appointments and take notes and ask questions, not like in Boston where I wasn’t able to even come in to the room and give support or help to my loved one. NMABEI actually encourages family members to attend and support their family.

The staff at Newport Mesa-Audiology Balance and Ear Institute, especially Dr. Mango, Kristine, along with Dr Pearce, and their step-by-step explanations about the different treatments, made it easier to decide on a possible course of action.

If you come from out of town, stay at the Costa Mesa Ramada. It is 5 minutes away, and there’s free shuttle service to/ from the facility, and to/ from John Wayne Airport. This is definitely an outstanding ear center and I would highly recommend coming here.”

– D.R., Warren, NJ

“I’m ecstatic that the Institute was able to diagnose and treat something that has been plaguing me for years. No one knew what was going on beyond benign vertigo. I’m so happy to find this “balance” in my life. Thank you so very much!

Everyone was great at reception which really means a lot to patients. They were kind, courteous, accommodating, quick and efficient.

Victoria (student extern) was so warm and easy to work with. She is a true professional and balanced it with a great personality that always made me comfortable. The time always flew by.”

– RG, Tustin, CA

“The front desk personnel were friendly and helpful. The environment was very clean. The doctors are amazing and are so smart and understand the necessity of your treatment. Everyone was very helpful with my needs – physically, mentally and emotionally. They were able to restore my strength.”

– VL, Anaheim, CA

“Everyone I came in contact with was professional and very nice. I feel the treatment was very effective for me, as now I only have episodes of dizziness.”

JG, Manhattan Beach, CA 

“I feel treatment really helped. I’ve already referred others to the Institute.”

– DD, Huntington Beach, CA

“I’m so glad I came to the Institute. The results have been amazing. I would highly recommend this place for balance problems. I’m thankful for Dr. Truong and his excellent care.”

– TB, Yorba Linda, CA

“Everyone I came in contact with was professional and very nice. I feel the treatment was very effective for me as now I only have episodes of dizziness.”

– JF, Manhattan Beach, CA 

“From start to finish, everyone was highly professional and personable. A great experience and very helpful.”

– KP, Costa Mesa, CA

“My vertigo and balance issues were greatly improved over the 12 week period of treatment. I experienced no undue surprises over the course of my treatment. Dr. Kelley Trapp is the best and I highly recommend her to everyone.”

– JR, Huntington Beach, CA 

“The office staff is very friendly and professional. Appointments are always right on time. Dr. Grace explained everything along the way. I would highly recommend this office to anyone suffering with vertigo.”

– JP, Anaheim, CA

“The experience here was excellent. Very knowledgeable care. The doctor was excellent. The receptionist was very friendly and caring. Our experience here has been wonderful. Dr. Hannah Williams was excellent. Very caring. Very professional. Very likable.”

RF, Rancho Mission Viejo, CA

“I came in with a huge dizziness/balance problem. The doctors and staff were able to diagnose my vestibular issues and initiated treatment that enabled me to progress, thereby increasing my confidence with everyday activities. The staff and doctors are all top-notch. Thank you.”

– WM, Lake Forest, CA

“I highly recommend Newport-Mesa Audiology Balance & Ear Institute to everyone. You guys are the best. Thank you for taking care of me and getting my life back to normal.”

– RF, Huntington Beach, CA

“My experience was outstanding in every respect. First, my condition was addressed professionally and I appreciated the explanations of treatment. I am thrilled with my improvement.”

– LC, Mission Viejo, CA

“The audiologists were very dedicated to diagnosing and treating my dizziness. They gave me answers I couldn’t get elsewhere and my dizziness is so much better than it was 7 months ago.”

– BB, Philadelphia, PA

“Amazing and a positive experience! Dr. Nava is a life saver. I started out in a scary, uncertain place and now I feel more steady and confident.”

– SR, Irvine, CA

“Techniques were fantastic! Dr. Jastromb was amazing. She really put me at ease and validated my concerns.”

– NB, Chino Hills, CA

“It was a great experience. I feel like the first time in 20 years, somebody took the time and tried to devise a plan to get me better.”

– PR, Rochester, MN

“I was pleasantly surprised to see how much the home exercises and treatment procedures helped my dizziness. Harlan and Dr. Pearce were so kind and professional and made me feel like I was part of their collaborative solutions. Definitely will recommend your office to others! Thank you for all the education and help.”

– THV, Newport Beach, CA

“I was always pleased and amazed to learn new information about how my body actually works. Dr. Grace and Dr. Guzzo are great to work with; they are always willing to listen and help answer questions during the treatment.”

– MM, Irvine, CA

“I am forever grateful to have found this Institute. In five weeks, I can feel such a difference. Would highly recommend to anyone suffering from dizziness.”

– AP, Edgewater, CO

“My experience at Newport-Mesa Audiology Balance & Ear Institute was phenomenal. I struggled with severe dizziness for months before being referred here. The audiologists diagnosed my condition quickly and with great patience, kindness and skill, used their Advanced Vestibular Treatment to greatly improve my quality of life. I am so grateful for all their work! Thank you!”

– NS, Cypress, CA

“Everyone (including my doctor) were very friendly. I feel much better and I am glad I had the treatments. Dr. Waters is a wonderful doctor.”

– JT, Anaheim, CA

“I highly recommend you to everyone. You guys are the best! Thank you for taking care of me and getting my life back to normal.”

– RF, Huntington Beach, CA

“Newport-Mesa Audiology Balance & Ear Institute was very thorough and professional. Dr. Pearce was the best part of the experience. She has a great bedside manner, explains things well and was always readily available via phone and email. I was a little apprehensive that the treatment/exercises wouldn’t work. Especially since my symptoms were constant and were affecting me emotionally and physically for over three months. Thank goodness my commitment to the 2x daily exercises and in-office sessions were effective. I feel 100% normal again. Thank, Dr. Pearce!”

JM, Newport Beach, CA

“Newport-Mesa Audiology Balance & Ear Institute and Dr. Jastromb were a true God-send. They gave me hope when my doctor said that there was none. They offered state-of-the-art technology that gave me great improvement. I would like to give a very special thank you to Dr. Jastromb for her time, patience and ongoing guidance.”

– BT, Riverside, CA

“Absolutely excellent! Dr. Jastromb really made the whole week a fantastic experience as was superb in all aspects of diagnosis, communication and treatment. Dr. Truong was equally fantastic in all the remote and follow up work, and all the staff at the clinic were great to deal with.”

– GC, Nanaimo, BC, Canada

“I came in after almost two years of debilitating heaviness of the head and Dr. Pearce turned it all around for me. I have my life back.”

– MP, Grass Valley, CA

“I am thrilled with the treatment I have had with Newport-Mesa Audiology and am most pleased. I look forward to further treatment at the Institute.”

– JG, Newport Beach, CA

“I am a big advocate of Newport-Mesa Audiology Balance & Ear Institute. When I first saw them, I was having very serious balance problems which I had found debilitating. Dr. Pearce and her team are AWESOME. My situation took additional time to resolve, but they were incredibly patient with me. They are so knowledgeable and caring – true professionals!”

– MM, San Francisco, CA

“Dr. Jastromb and all of the staff were excellent. Very professional, thorough and friendly. It was worth the expense and time to travel from New York to California to your facility to obtain a reliable diagnosis and treatment plan. Thanks!”

– KW, Chenango Forks, NY

“Dear Dr. Guzzo,

Thank you for the patience, interest and attending care you and your colleagues have faithfully provided me! I have improved so much since I first began your program. I am more sure of myself, more calm and have obtained information and exercises I did not have before. As to how much improvement I have made in my walking – maybe 50 – 70%. I have noticed that my diet, rest vs. fatigue, shoes I wear might be contributing factors also!

I will gratefully accept this as a huge blessing…always and forever.  I am so grateful for the Newport-Mesa Audiology Balance & Ear Institute. I would not be where I am today without you!  Bless this Institute that helps so many others with similar problems. – A grateful patient”

BC, Newport Beach, CA

“My wife was a patient of Dr. Waters – a very capable and friendly doctor. We wish to compliment you and your facility on your wise and careful selection of top-notch employees. Kristine Baucom is a true asset to your facility. Thanks to her and her patience with us – she is the main reason we received complete information on your upscale facility. Thank you!”

– GB, Seal Beach, CA

“I wanted to let you know just how incredibly amazing you and your staff have been from the very beginning. On March 21 of last year, I woke up in a completely different world. I was absolutely terrified and depressed for what seemed like an eternity. You and your staff helped me to feel right at home from the second I stepped into your building. I felt comforted as if I was surrounded by the best of the best. I will never forget the feeling I had walking out of your facility to begin the drive home and the sense of relief I had that finally, someone had found what was wrong with me.

I took a gamble in terms of money and time to travel all the way to California from Iowa just to see if you guys could help me. And I would do it over again and again if I could. So I just wanted to tell you thank you. From the deep, deep bottom of my heart. I truly cannot overstate just how much you changed my life and I thank God every day that people like you exist to help people with my condition. I used to be scared and fearful every day, and now I am confident and living a life I never thought I would have again. Thank you so much, Dr. Pearce. God knows where I would be without you right now.”

– JL, Waterloo, IA

“I first came to Newport Mesa Audiology from Ohio after nearly 9 months of undiagnosed chronic dizziness. The amazing group of audiologists there were kind, compassionate and understanding of what I was going through. They were able to diagnose me with damage to my right inner ear and get me on a treatment plan with advanced vestibular therapy. They also diagnosed me with vestibular migraines, something that countless other doctors had overlooked. Through advanced vestibular therapy using virtual reality goggles as well as the lifestyle changes they recommend to treat vestibular migraines, I slowly but surely regained my life back. Dr. Pearce and the rest of the staff are amazing and I owe them everything!”

– JM., Ohio

“Dr. Mango, I want to thank you so much for helping me through this ordeal with my Migraine Associated Vertigo. It has been the biggest challenge I have had to face and I appreciate your sincere concern in helping me feel better. Out of all the 8 doctors I have seen in the past 11 months, you were the most understanding and caring. I feel I am finally on the road to recovery. Thank you for being there. My husband and I will always be grateful.”

– SM, Newport Beach, CA

“I tried to get help from my dizzy spells for many years. I had tried several types of medication, but nothing seemed to help and I did not like the side effects. I was led to believe that I would have to “live with it”. I was surprised to learn that through therapy that this problem could be resolved without medication. That is what sold me. It was the best decision I have ever made. I have had no dizziness since I completed my therapy. It is a miracle as far as I am concerned. Thanks a million for helping me out!”

– JM, Costa Mesa, CA

“Thank you for the miracle you performed on me. I had been from doctor to doctor for a couple of years, trying to find relief from the terrible dizziness I had. Not until I met you did I feel a ray of hope. When you diagnosed my illness as BPPV, I was ecstatic to think that there may be some help for me. Within a couple of weeks all the anxiety and misery was gone. No more dizziness. Everyone at your institute was very kind and helpful.”

– CJ, Newport Beach, CA

“My husband and I are so grateful to you for your caring and expertise. The ‘repositioning maneuver’ has changed my life.”

– BP, Ladera Ranch, CA

Hearing Disorders

“Although I’ve chosen not to purchase the hearing aid, I found Dr. Trapp to be an exceptional professonal with both her technological expertise and in her personal demeanor! (I’ve been to several hearing aid specialists.)

– EH, Costa Mesa, CA

“It has now been 24 hours since you fitted me with the Lyric hearing aids… Wow, wow, wow!!! Never in all my years of wearing hearing aids (50 years) have I ever experienced sound like this. I feel like I am not wearing hearing aids, now I have a natural replacement for my deficient ears. The biggest joy has been not needing to face people in order to hear or ask them to repeat their communications.  My wife was astounded that we went through the whole day, and not once did I ask her “Huh?” or “Will you please say that again?” or “I didn’t hear you”.  Now both of us are speaking to each other in softer voices and we feel more in tune with one another. And it’s only been 24 hours…”

– TK, Corona Del Mar, CA

“A special thanks to you and your staff for changing my life forever. My whole world has changed since Lyric entered my life. I truly treasure your sincere interest in me and my hearing problem. Everyone with a hearing problem should be wearing this fantastic device. I now feel a part of the outside world, and more people have remarked about the change in me. The lyric is truly a marvel for people like me who have a big ego about hearing aids. This was absolutely the perfect choice for me. Thank you for your honest professionalism.”

– TP, Irvine, CA

Quality of Care

“I have been very impressed with the staff on the phone. I call for scheduling/rescheduling for my mother’s doctors appointments very often. Your warmth on the phone, patience and reception has been unmatched.”

– RA, Newport Coast, CA

“What an incredible experience getting to know you and your competent, professional staff. You (and your organization) are the best kept secret in Orange County, [California]. Thank you for all you have already done for Dad – he is truly inspired about the prospect of improving his current condition. You are an excellent communicator and have superior “bedside” manner – qualities that are sometimes lacking in today’s medical professionals. Dad is looking forward to ‘therapy’.”

– BA, Newport Beach, CA

“My visit to the Institute was a pleasant experience and I wanted to thank the staff for being professional, considerate and taking the time to do a full evaluation. More importantly my time with Dr. Mango was very positive. There was no sense of being rushed with him; moreover, he demonstrated a sincere desire to help, which with all the doctors I have seen is not the norm.”

– RC, Irvine, CA