The Value of Hearing

Have we, unwillingly, become a society of ‘hearing hypocrites’?

Do we really value our hearing as much as we say we do?

hearingAccording to a recently completed national survey of more than 1,000 people across the U.S., respondents place hearing among the highest of the senses they value.  But most do not take steps to protect their hearing in the same way, or to the same level, of other senses that rated lower.

Self-care goes a long way to protecting your hearing for years to come.

So remember, whether you’re doing a home improvement (or home maintenance) project or enjoying an outdoor concert, remember to protect your ears just as you would protect your eyes or the skin on your face.

Our doctors of audiology are hearing health professionals who you can talk to and seek advisement from. They are invested in your long term ear wellness.  We encourage you to plan and schedule regular hearing screenings. And in the meantime, turn down the volume on your devices in this busy world.

To read more on Healthy Hearings recent survey and results, simply follow the link.

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