Keeping the Holidays in Balance with Howard Mango, Au.D., Ph.D.

Let’s face it… the holiday season is a busy time for everyone.


There are family visits, gift shopping and crowds to navigate, plus special occasions that often mean extra cooking (and cleaning!)  Those with dizziness and balance concerns may notice symptoms increase during this time.

Isn’t our goal to keep the holiday hustle-bustle from taking its toll with symptoms that interfere with daily life?

I’m going to share five helpful tips to help keep your holidays in balance.

  • Tip 1: Take frequent holiday breaks.

Be kind to yourself, and simply allow yourself more time.


  • Tip 2: If you notice symptoms increase while shopping, find a bench to sit on… or locate a less sensory-rich environment.

By safely removing yourself or a loved one from the visual input, the change may allow those pesky symptoms to settle down.  Then once symptoms have diminished, you can try to finish shopping.


  • Tip 3: Have an exit plan ready.

If you are shopping with someone, discuss the exit plan in advance so they can read your signals.  You don’t want to wait until it’s too late to begin that communication – or worse, only then, when you’re not feeling well to start figuring out your get-away.


  • Tip 4: Simplify tasks.

Whether you’re hosting yourself, or preparing for a visit out, try to separate your tasks over several days.  Don’t save everything to ‘the last minute’

If there is something than can be prepped or made in advance, do so.

If you are cooking, then be sure to shop on a separate day in advance of your event or visit.


  • Tip 5: Browse and shop during quieter times, and even consider the convenience of online.

The busiest times for grocery shopping are at the end of the traditional workday and also on weekend afternoon.  Try to avoid these times.

A  good time to shop may be in the dinner hour, 7-8 p.m. on weekday evenings or early weekday mornings.

Also, try to avoid shopping malls on the last Monday and Tuesday before Christmas –December 21 and 22.  (Next year, you might consider avoiding busy shopping locations on black Friday and the first Saturday in December as well )

We all would benefit from many of these tips. Remember to be good to yourself, and be patient and understanding with those that may feel unsteady on their feet.

I’m wishing you a very healthy, happy and balanced holiday season!

Dr. Mango

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