Top 10 Reasons to Choose Lyric

By Dr. Amber Kasten, Associate Director of Amplification

If you weren’t already convinced why Lyric hearing devices are the optimum choice for better hearing, here are 10 reasons why you should try them.

10. It comes with a 45-day trial period.

Even if the other 9 reasons don’t entice you, a month and a half to try the device, no strings attached, is awesome. You don’t even have to pay for the device upfront to begin a trial.


9. Instant gratification.

Do you love getting what you want? Do you love it even more when it’s instant? You might be a secret Lyric fan then! With Lyric, we can size and fit you the same day you come in for testing. If you need a replacement, we have a no-appointment-needed walk-in hour every weekday for your convenience.


8. No warranties to renew.

With Lyric, you are purchasing a subscription to better hearing with no extra warranties or out-of-pocket expenses required.


7. No deductibles for lost devices.

If you’ve ever worn a hearing aid before, you know that there is normally a deductible for lost devices. With Lyric, it’s nearly impossible to lose, but even if you did, it’s not a problem. We throw away your used devices anyway, so we’ll just place a new one, like any other replacement.


6. No repairs.

Traditional hearing aids are basically tiny computers that are worn daily. They are meant to last about 5-7 years, but occasionally need a repair at least once over that period. With Lyric, we simply program a new device and you’re on your way. No waiting for repairs.


5. You can get the Lyric exchanged almost anywhere you travel in the country.

Have you ever been traveling and your phone or camera dies? It’s so annoying when you can’t use your GPS or take pictures, right? Now imagine it’s your hearing. How frustrating would it be to be traveling and enjoying yourself and then suddenly you can’t hear? Instead of waiting until your vacation is over, with Lyric, all you need is your patient ID number and the location of the closest provider, which can be found on the super convenient Lyric provider finder website. You can get a replacement, just like that.


4. Analog sound quality.

Analog hearing aids, like Lyric, just sound better. Digital hearing aids may have distortion which can end up making it harder for you to hear instead. With Lyric, the sound quality is essentially unmatched. It sounds very true to real life and natural. On top of that, Lyric devices are fit so deeply in the ear that it circumvents a lot of occlusion issues (plugged feeling) seen with traditional completely/invisible in-the-ear products.


3. Ease of use.

Lyric is the easiest hearing aid to use. We place your device for you, make sure there is no feedback, and then you live your life as you normally would. You can change volume, and we’ll show you how, but for the most part, you should never have to adjust the Lyric. You don’t have to change batteries, clean it, take it out, turn it off, turn it on, change programs, or anything. All you need to concern yourself to remember is to not submerge your head underwater and when your next appointment is.


2. Invisible.

The Lyric is the only hearing aid that is truly invisible to those around you. You can continue to use your headphones, TV, telephone, etc. the exact same way you would if you weren’t wearing hearing aids. They are fit deeply enough into the ear that no one can see the hearing aid itself.


1. Feel normal again.

The number one reason to try Lyric is because it helps you feel and function like you would without hearing loss. What does this mean exactly? It means you can hear clearly, 24/7. It means you don’t have to constantly change the settings. It means when you are in a high-stakes meeting, no one at the table knows you have hearing loss but you. It means when your baby cries at night, you hear it. It means no special headphones or phone system required for work. It means you don’t have to hide your hearing aids from your grandkids or pets to make sure they don’t get lost or eaten. It means that you have all the control of your hearing and who around you gets to know about it.


If you are interested in Lyric and would like to take advantage of our 45-day trial, please give our Patient Services Team a call to set up an evaluation appointment – (949) 274-8399.