This is the month of new resolutions.  We look back (quickly!) at pledges made, kept and abandoned. And then we start anew.

If you’re like most of us, by human nature, good-intentioned resolutions create a moment (or two) of sadness if they’re abandoned early on.  And we get a huge confidence boost by sticking to the things we said we’d finally do.

So to set up for success, we’d like to suggest simply making this …‘The Year of YOU’. With your hearing as a priority.

YOU are your own ‘brand new start’.

Whether you call it a resolution, a promise or a commitment – it’s all about YOU. Making your own hearing health a priority.

When was the last time you had your hearing checked? Have you ever? As audiologists, we are certified professionals, specializing in the health of the ear.

Because it’s all about YOU, let’s look at some compelling reasons why you deserve a visit sooner than later:

  1. There’s never been a better time than today to make an appointment. Our doctors of audiology and compassionate staff are invested in your hearing success and wellness. Should you need resources or solutions, we’re here to provide those too.
  1. It’s effortless to start the process and a great way to kick-off your YOU priorities. Simply contact us using the link provided below. Or make the call, log onto our website or stop in. We can guide you through insurance guidelines as needed.
  1. Take control of your ear health. Or better yet, consider us your partner to help you. Having a baseline of your hearing, called an audiogram, is simple and smart. There’s no better time than the present to create the peace of mind that things are ‘O.K.’.  Should any challenges present themselves, there are more solutions than ever before – with options that are discreet and internet connected. Consider us your partner to provide customized solutions. The great thing about solutions is they most often deliver instantaneous results!
  1. Expand your YOU team by adding the most dedicated specialists in their field. Get to know our team. We care. Get to know our resources, like Follow us on social media. We like to post. Wanna know us better? Guess what?  YOU are our priority, too.
  1. Making YOU a priority also means healthy balance from head to toe. As you can see from our name, we specialize in dizziness, vertigo and balance disorders. So you know who to call should you, a friend or loved one experience balance issues that need to be addressed.

So don’t wait another day. Make YOU the priority you deserve. There are beautiful sounds to be discovered in this New Year!

So whether this jump-starts your momentum, re-charges your commitment, or helps you propel what’s already underway, now’s the time to plan (sooner than later, we hope) to make this the year of YOU!

Let’s celebrate together!

You can reach us at