Lyric VideoWe recently had a roundtable discussion with our Associate Director of Amplification, Dr. Amber Kasten, along with our amplification team: Dr. Christopher Garrett, Dr. Lydia Riehl and our 4th year doctoral student extern, Roxanna Massoodnia. In the video, they spoke about the wonderful things they’ve learned and experienced from fitting Lyric hearing aids and what their patients have loved about Lyric.

To re-cap what our clinicians spoke about in the video, this is the synopsis. As an Institute, we’ve been fitting Lyric since 2008 and we were one of the first clinics in the area to be certified to fit these completely invisible hearing devices. We are a certified, five-star provider by Phonak, the manufacturer of the Lyric.

So, over the past decade, we’ve had a lot of experience with all iterations of the Lyric and learning the nuances of fitting well. There is a such a thing as a bad fitting, and patients would be wise not to visit a practice that hasn’t fit very many or that doesn’t fit Lyric very often. Clinicians need to keep their skills up for optimal success.

Here are some things that our patients love about Lyric:

  • Unparalleled sound quality – a clean, natural sound
  • Hassle free
  • Completely invisible
  • Makes them feel normal again
  • Confidence and pride
  • Ability to maintain an active lifestyle
  • Versatile
  • Hands free
  • Not limited by having to manage extra pieces of equipment
  • Easy to communicate in all settings – in large groups and in noisy restaurants

Here is what our clinicians love about Lyric:

  • It’s surprising how many different people it can fit. All ages, ear sizes, types of hearing loss. It’s not a one size fits all, we try to fit to each unique person. It’s so simple, you would think that it couldn’t possibly fit this many people. It can fulfill that need despite your age or lifestyle. That’s what makes it unique and helpful to so many people.
  • It’s surprising how simple it is. When you are going through school, you learn about all the things hearing aids can do with crazy features, bells and whistles. Lyric is focused on hearing and it does it so well. So simple, it works.
  • Love being a part at an advanced Institute with top of line technology and staying on top of all the advancements.
  • It uses your ears’ natural acoustics to help you hear. It’s awesome for people who are active, as well as in noisy situations like restaurants, large groups and meetings.
  • Cosmetic benefits; it’s a completely invisible hearing aid, but it doesn’t compromise sound quality.

At our Institute, we are dedicated to making sure we are fitting each patient with Lyric extremely well. We continue to receive professional training to fine-tune our skills and learn more. Recently we had in-house training from Lyric expert, Helena Soladar. She’s been fitting Lyric for a very long time and knows all the tips and tricks from sizing and fitting techniques to best practices in patient communication. We are always learning from the experts and we will continue to improve our skillsets the more we fit and see patients for Lyric.

Here is the link to the video to watch the entire Lyric discussion and here is a link to learn more about Lyric. To schedule an evaluation and start a free 45-day trial, be sure to reach out to our Patient Services Team.