Hearing aids benefit everyone.  Now you might be saying, ‘I don’t wear one!’ So I’ll share my reasons why.

Between graduations, Father’s Day and the beginning of summer activities, now is the perfect time to explore our own attitudes. How does hearing affect our ability to enjoy these special moments?

So much of what we attempt, complete and find enjoyment in on a daily basis revolves around our interaction and communication with others.

So hearing aids don’t simply benefit the wearer, but benefit everyone. And because hearing aids have improved so much and so rapidly in recent years, let’s look at how we can expand our own perception about these mega-powerful tools.  We could all benefit from an ‘attitude adjustment’.

The days of big, clunky (and to some, ugly) wannabe skin-colored devices…may be over.

hearing-aids-2Today’s most popular devices have removed many previous limitations: they are more powerful, made from lighter and more flexible (and forgiving) material, and do so much more. They are Bluetooth-enabled, smartphone-compatible, lightweight and in some instances, completely hidden (like Lyric). On top of that, they’re completely customizable.

The days of stigma are gone. Our clients represent every age group, and they’ll tell you how this smart, new generation of devices expands their options and ability to hear well.  They don’t talk about standing out. Rather, they share about significant improvements to their quality of life and how they view the world! These devices make life easier because the latest generation of high-tech hearing aids is immediately compatible with multiple devices like cell phones and in-home entertainment systems.  The latest technology does the ‘heavy lifting’ and offers more customizable options than ever, such as adjusting to changing environments you travel through each day.  It also makes life a bit easier on family and friends, too.

Every year, our staff doctors of audiology attend the American Academy of Audiology conference…and we have just returned. In our next blog, we’ll talk about our latest hearing aid offering – and introduce the Oitcon Opn device.  We can’t wait to share it with you!

We see the benefits firsthand.  This rapidly changing and improving technology furthers today’s hearing aids to create each user’s unique, customizable and truly adaptable solutions…certainly far greater than your father (or grandfather’s) hearing aid.  These include:


  • Improved health: They benefit not only your ears, but brain and body.  Research studies show hearing devices may help preserve cognitive function, and even prevent dementia.
  • Features galore: State of the art offerings are wireless and in some cases waterproof, and that makes today’s hearing ads better than every Shower with them?  Swim with them?  No daily fuss?  Yes, indeed.  Some are invisible too.
  • Dollars and sense: For those in the workforce, using hearing aids can help sustain earning potential.
  • Tinnitus relief: With the number of customizable options ready to match your specific needs, many hearing aids can help mask or reduce ringing in the ears brought on by Tinnitus.
  • Satisfaction: The wireless features compatible with smartphones create happy owners, especially in the areas of mobility, adjusting to different environments, and specific amplification needs.
  • Expectation: With so many smartphone users today, we’re moving toward having an experience – our own, or with a friend or family member – that allows us to experience how cool these ‘tools’ are to help us hear better. (And your friends may find themselves wondering why they didn’t beat you to the punch).


Have you made an attitude adjustment?

Be sure to stop back soon, as we’ll be talking about how the new Oticon Opn can help you hear better, with less effort and better recall…all with connectivity capabilities you’ll have to hear to believe.  No longer on the horizon – they’re here today.


Newport-Mesa Audiology Balance & Ear Institute recognizes the desire of prospective patients to self-manage healthcare.  For more information about free, quick and confidential online hearing checks, visit www.BetterHearing.org.  This site can help you further determine if a comprehensive hearing test by a hearing health care professional, such as our audiologists, is further merited.