Introducing the new Oticon Opn™

The brain works at incredible speeds. Now there’s a hearing device that can keep up. Oticon Opn™ uses BrainHearing™ technology to process all the sounds around you exceptionally fast, without delays and with less stress on your brain. Opn works in harmony with your brain so you can understand speech better and focus on what’s important, even in complex listening environments. Because your brain is not working on overload, it will be free to do other tasks, like remembering more of your conversations. And, Opn features TwinLink™ communication technology, so you can stream directly for wireless communication to your smartphone, music players, computers, TV and more. Oticon Opn is the smart choice for effortless, more natural hearing.

Try Oticon Opn risk-free. Call:

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Ask yourself, do these situations challenge your hearing?

Do you ask people to repeat themselves? Can you hear, yet not understand some parts of the conversation? Are you missing whole words of a conversation in noisy environments, such as restaurants or museums?

Let us help you experience better hearing.

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